FIDE Arbiter Seminar at New Delhi – 2016

fide_logo_bigFIDE Arbiter Seminar at New Delhi

from 06th  to  08th May, 2016

The FIDE was awarding FIDE arbiters title for arbiters who had the requisite number of norms. But, as per the new regulations of FIDE, it is mandatory for all FIDE Arbiter title seekers to attend the Arbiters Seminar conducted by the FIDE and to pass the exam. Therefore, the All India Chess Federation has been receiving requests from various States to conduct FIDE Arbiters Seminar in India. The reason being, it is difficult for many to spend money on Airfare, Boarding & Lodging and course fee if it is held abroad. In view of the above requests, it has been decided to conduct an Arbiters Seminar at New Delhi from 06 to 08 May, 2016.   Anybody who has basic knowledge about the game can appear for the Seminar.

Prof.R.Anantharam International Arbiter, and International Arbiter Mr.M.S.Gopakumar will conduct the Seminar. All those who are interested in attending the course are requested to send the filled application form attached along with Demand Draft favouring All India Chess Federation, payable at Chennai for Rs.15,000/- towards FIDE Fee, Exam fee, Lodging, Materials and other expenses connected with the seminar. Those who do not require lodging facilities may have to pay Rs.12,000/- only. The form may be sent through the respective State Chess Associations so as to reach AICF before 25  April, 2016.

Arrival & Registration            :       06th May, 2016  before    : 10:00.A.M.

Departure                                    :       08th May, 2016 after        : 19: 00 hrs.

Detailed Schedule will be informed at the Seminar hall.

for eligibility details please logon to : FIDE

download the Study materials from FIDE : FIDE Study material

& download the Course materials here : Course materials

Further details please contact : Mr.Bharat Singh, CEO  All India Chess Federation : [email protected]

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Download AICF Arbiters Registration Form here : MS WordPDF

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