Momentum Behind Anand

Momentum Behind Anand
By Arvind Aaron

Seven of the eight players may have theoretical chances to win the FIDE Candidates Tournament in Moscow. Practically, experience and wins give Anand a great chance to win it again.

Tuesday is a free day and Anand takes on Caruana with the black pieces on Wednesday. Three wins – the most in the event gives Anand a slight edge in case of a tie-break. He had beaten Topalov, Svidler and Aronian.

Anand gets white in the key reverse colour game against joint leader Sergey Karjakin. Anand will have to take one game at a time. The black game with Caruana will also be crucial for Anand.

The Italian born American player had drawn all seven in the first half and started the second half with a win over Nakamura.

IA Werner Stubenvoll of Austria is the chief arbiter. The event is organised by AGON Ltd and FIDE.

Round 9 standings: 1-2. V Anand, S Karjakin 5.5/9 each; 3-4. F Caruana, L Aronian 5 each; 5 A Giri 4.5; 6 P Svidler 4; 7 H Nakamura 3.5; 8 V Topalov 3.