National Schools 2018 is Underway

Photo: Niklesh Jain/ ChessBase India

The 7th National Schools is being held from 28th  January to 1st February at KIIT Campus, Bhubaneshwar. This mega national event consists of 12 age group categories and a total of 710 children from across the country are participating here.

Trophies/Medals and Merit Certificates will be given to top 3 players of each category plus the youngest boy and the youngest girl in the championship. All players will be given a certificate of participation.

Follow the games LIVE here.

After seven rounds following players are leading in their respective categories:

U-07 Boys

Sathvik Adiga, Karnataka

U-7 Girls

Lakshana S, Tamil Nadu

U-9 Boys

Tanish Sai Kavuru, Andhra Pradesh

U-9 Girls

WCM Suhaani Lohia, Maharastra

U-11 Boys

Colaco Reuben, Goa

U-11 Girls

Kheerthi Ganta, Telangana

U-13 Boys

Pranesh M, Tamil Nadu

U-13 Girls

Vijayasubhasri S, Tamil Nadu

U-15 Boys

Shyam Kumar M, Tamil Nadu

U-15 Girls

Jain Nityata, Madhya Pradesh

U-17 Boys

AGM Arka Sengupta, West Bengal

U-17 Girls

Arushi Kotwal, Jammu & Kashmir