Sandhya Wins Bronze At Isfahan

Sandhya Wins Bronze At Isfahan
By Arvind Aaron
Naderi M Sadegh of Iran and Liu Hongyan of China won the Asian Amateur Chess Championships. India’s G Sandhya finished third in the women’s section and took home the bronze medal.
This event was organised by the Isfahan Chess Association on behalf of the Iranian Chess Federation from Nov 12-18, 2016. Players from nine nations participated in this event.
Final placings:
Open: 1 Naderi M Sadegh 8/9; 2-6. Torkan Mohsen, Safari Eskandari Mojtaba, Shariatpanahi Seyed Hamid, FM Afsari Mohammadreza, H Shadaee (all Iri so far) 7.5 each…237 players.
Women: 1 Liu Hongyan (Chn) 7.5/9; 2 WFM Asadi Motahare (Iri) 7; 3 G Sandhya (Ind) 6.5; 4-5. Hong Xing (Chn), Afsar Niusha (Iri) 6 each…43 players.