World Youth Chess Championships 2014 at Durban

01World Youth Chess Championships 2014 at Durban – BY K.Gopalakrishnan

 The strong Indian Contingent in the World Youth Chess Championships 2014, being held at Durban got a shot in their arms today when they were visited by the Consulate General Mr. R Raghunathan.

Mr. Raghunathan, a keen observer of chess, had expressed his wish to visit the Indian delegation at the venue of the World Youth Chess Championships 2014, at Durban.  The venue of the World Youth Chess Championships is the  exquisite International Convention Centre at Durban.  The ICC, as it is called, has been fully accommodative and has been carefully designed to be spectator friendly, as well as providing the players a great and calm venue to concentrate on their battles ahead.  Today was a double-header day, and the first round of the day, which was the fifth round in all, was played in the morning from 10.00 AM onwards.  The Consulate General was keen to meet the players and wish them the very best.  Hence he was invited at around 4.15 PM to the venue.  The Chief Organiser of the event, Mr.Logon Reddy invited the Consulate General with full honours.  The CG immediately walked out to the area where most of our players were present and wished them good luck.  He was immediately taken into the playing area where many players were seated and was then taken to the VIP Box from where he could have a full view of the playing area.  Just ten minutes before the start of the sixth round, Mr.Raghunathan walked in into the area where the top board games were being played.  And naturally, the top board games were being played by most of the Indians and the CG was very happy to see the top players, and wished them the very best.  He was seen mingling with the Indian players and posing for many photographs.  In the sixth round, in the Under 16 category, the top board game was between Aravindh Chidambaram and Karthikeyan Murali.  The CG spent some time there wondering how and why two Indians were playing against each other.  The Indian delegates explained to him about the format of the game and he was very much appreciative.

Not content with just meeting the players, the CG expressed his desire to meet the parents and other coaches and was taken around to the area where the parents were seated.  He was very kind enough to offer his help in any matters when the contingent was around in Durban.  He also offered his valuable piece of advice to the parents and had a word of praise for the parents for the way they are encouraging their wards.