Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018 kicks off with a colorful opening ceremony

43rd Olympiad Batumi 2018 Open & Women

The Indian Contingent arrived at Batumi, Georgia on 22nd of September.

Opening Ceremony

The 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia officially opened on Sunday with a spectacular opening ceremony that included dancing and singing performances, speeches and the drawing of colours. It was held at the Black Sea Arena, attended by the players, captains and officials of the 185 participating countries.

The drawing of colours took place on stage with Five-time World Champion Viswanathan Anand and Georgia’s  GM Nana Dzagnidze. It’s the first participation of the former World Champion in an Olympiad since 2006.

The colors were to be decided by white and black pearls hidden inside the seashells. India’s Viswanathan Anand picked the white pearl, meaning that the top-seeded team in the Open section – USA will start the Olympiad with white pieces on the top board. Nana Dzagnidze picked the black pearl and the top seeded team in the Women section – Russia will play with black pieces on the top board.

Team Meeting

International Arbiter Gopakumar Sudhakaran explained the rules and regulations to team India.

Pairings: Round 1

Team India Open

Bo. 5

India (IND)

Rtg 94

El Salvador (ESA)

Rtg 0 : 0
4.1 GM
Harikrishna, Pentala
2743 IM
Giron, Jorge Ernesto
4.2 GM
Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi
2711 FM
Chavez, Ricardo Ernesto
4.3 GM
Adhiban, B.
2668 FM
Arias, Daniel
4.4 GM
Sasikiran, Krishnan
2672 IM
Burgos Figueroa, Carlos E.

Team India Women

Bo. 78

New Zealand (NZL)

Rtg 5

India (IND)

Rtg 0 : 0
5.1 CM
Milligan, Helen
1942 GM
Koneru, Humpy
5.2 WCM
Punsalan, Vyanla M
1932 IM
Tania, Sachdev
5.3 WFM
Zhang, Jasmine Haomo
1899 IM
Karavade, Eesha
5.4 WCM
Qin, Nicole Shu Yu
1790 IM
Padmini, Rout