Iranians catch up with Indians

Iranians catch up with Indians

New Delhi (12 Nov 14) :-  Iranian players are giving tough resistance to the Indian hopes of winning the overall championship in the ongoing Asian Youth Chess Championship herein New Delhi as at the end of penultimate round, Mosadeghpour Masoud in Under-18 Open, Lorparizangeneh Shahin in Under-16 Open and Derakhshani Dorsa in Under-16 Girls section taken sole lead in their respective categories.

Meanwhile in the Under-14 Girls section Vaishali R continued her winning ways and defeated team mate Priyanka K to maintain her sole lead and in open section Harsha Bharthakoti enjoys half point lead over to top seed Tabatabaei Amin of Iran and Nigamatov Ortik of Uzbekistan.

The Under-18 Girls section heading towards an exciting finish as six players including India trio of Michelle Catherina, Shweta Gole and Parnali S Dharia are at top of the point table with five and half points.

Final round matches are in progress at the time of report.

Important Results Round-8 (Indians otherwise stated):-

Under-14 Girls :-

Vaishali R (7) beat Priyanka K (5); Vantika Agrawal (5.5) drew with Aakanksha Hagawane (5.5); Savant Riya (6) beat Hilmi Parveen (5); Ananya Suresh (5.5) beat Bauyrzhan Arnash of Kazkhstan (4); Shah Vishwa (4.5) drew with Bidhar Rutumbara (5).

Under-14 Open :-

Harsha Bharathakoti (6.5) drew with Gholami Aryan of Iran (5.5); Hirthickkesh P R (5.5) drew with Tabatabaei M Amin of Iran (6); Nigmatov Ortik of Uzbekistan (6) beat Suleymenov Alisher of Kazakhstan (4.4); Puranik Abhimanyu (5) drew with Le Minh Hoang of Vietnam (5); Nguyen Dang Hong Phuc of Vietnam (4.5) lost to Jacutina John Merill of Philippines (5.5).

Under-16 Girls :-

Monnisha G K (5.5) lost to Mendoza Shania Mae of Philippines (6); Derakhshani Dorsa of Iran (6.5) beat Yakubbaeva Nilufur of Uzbekistan (4.5); Meghna C H (5) lost to Mahalakshmi M (6); Alijanzadeh Mohadeseh of Iran (4.5) lost to Gholami Orimi Anahita (5.5); Varshini V (5) beat Bui Thuy Vy of Vietnam (4).

Under-16 Open :-

Pranav Vijay (4.5) lost to Lorparizangeneh Shahin of Iran (5.5); Aravindh Chithambaram (5.5) drew with Visakh N R (5.5); Vignesh N R (5) lost to Taalaibekov Tagir of Kygryzstan (5); Mohammad Nubairshah Shaikh (4.5) drew with Khodashenas Mersad of Iran (4)

Under-18 Girls :-

Kakhramonova Mokhinur of Uzbekistan (5.5) drew with Michelle Catherina (5.5); Shweta Gole (5.5) drew with Tran Le Dan Thuy of Vietnam (5.5); Srija Seshadri (4.5) lost to Muratova Anel of Kazakhstan (5.5); Madhurima Shekhar (4.5) lost to Parnali S Dharia (5.5); Enriquez Jean Karen of Philippines (5) beat Bala Kannamma P (4).

Under-18 Open :-

Modadeghpour Masoud of Iran (6) beat Krishna Teja N (.5); Dhulipalla Bala Chandra Prasad (5.5) drew with Aubhropratim Manna (5); Chakravarthi Reddy (5.5) beat Mejia Giovanni (4.5); Serikbay Chingiz of Kazakhstan (5) beat Ikramul Haq Siam (4); Mamatov Melis of Kyrgyzstan (5) beat Nazarov Rustem of Turkmenistan (3.5)