AICF Congratulates Mr.DK.Srinivasan for being conferred Padmashri


Shri D.K. Srinivasan was born in Kanchipuram on 7th October 1933 into an eminent family of lawyers and professionals. Having completed his Bachelors degree in Economics he went on to obtain post-graduation in Business Administration. Shri Srinivasan was a successful businessman, till the yearning to improve the lot of the less fortunate in society motivated him to enter the field of social work. Consequently, the organisations he founded and heads today are a testimony to decades of hard work and a single-minded dedication to the ideals he holds dear.

Shri Srinivasan is happily married to Mrs.Hema Srinivasan and they have two sons and daughters in law, all of whom share and contribute to his philanthropic ideals of upliftment of the less privileged in our society.

Shri Srinivasan is associated with numerous institutions where he has made an immense contribution, true to the motto ‘Paropakarartham Idham Shareeram’ – This body is to serve others.

Shri Srinivasan is associated with

Hindu Mission Hospital – Tambaram, Chennai – 220 bed Multispecialty charity hospital.
Valluvar Gurukulam Group of Schools – Tambaram, Chennai – 3000 students strong school for first generation learners.
Asthika Samajam, Chennai – For inculcating traditional values in our society.
Alpha to Omega School, Chennai – (Sri Krishna Trust) – Learning center for children with Dyslexia.
Kanchipuram District Chess Committee – To promote Chess among our youth.
Thirumalai Mission Hospital, Ranipet – a Hospital with a strong rural outreach programme.
Sri Gayathri Trust, Chennai – For providing last rites to the deceased, especially for abandoned bodies.
Thiru Narpani Trust, Chennai – Management and upkeep of the local crematorium.
Park Upkeep – Managing the local park to promote daily exercise, Yoga and a healthier lifestyle for all ages.
Devaraja Swamy Temple, Kanchipuram – Nandavanam, a temple garden to provide daily flowers to Lord Vardharaja.
Tsunami relief work – across the Tsunami affected areas.

Shri D.K. Srinivasan is the Founder and Honorary Secretary of this 220 bed Multispecialty Tertiary care charity institution doing yeoman service for the poor and needy. Over the last 32 years, Shri Srinivasan has employed novel fund raising methods to continually expand its services to a modern, state of the art, hospital. Today, it is a teaching and training institution for nurses and doctors as well.

In keeping with Shri Srinivasan’s service ethos, the hospital’s rural outreach programme and free schemes include:

· Free rural visits with free medication and free follow up care
· Free weekly multi disciplinary rural health check
· Free Surgery for the needy
· Free artificial limb aids and free corrective surgery
· Free food for In-patients and attenders
· Free eye surgeries
· Dialysis at Rs.200 / sitting
· Free audiology and speech therapy for Special children.

Valluvar Gurukulam Group of Schools

Shri D.K Srinivasan is the Secretary and Correspondent of Valluvar Gurukulam group of educational institutions. The core objective of these schools is to offer quality education to first generation students, with special emphasis on girl pupils. The school currently has 3000 students who regularly excel in curricular and co-curricular activities. The Valluvar Gurukulam group of schools has recently won a National Award for Sanitation and Cleanliness, chosen among schools from all over India. Shri Srinivasan has built up the infrastructure of the school and it is noteworthy that the school provides scholarships to deserving students. To ensure adequate nutrition, the school provides a healthy breakfast to the needy children.

Tsunami relief work

Shri Srinivasan worked tirelessly to rehabilitate the Tsunami affected:

· Constructed 3 Community Health & Welfare shelters in the tsunami affected villages costing Rs.24 lakhs
· Donated furniture worth Rs.59 lakhs to schools
· Laboratory equipment worth Rs.46 lakhs were donated to schools

It is the responsibility and right of every Indian citizen to contribute to the growth of our great country. Shri Srinivasan embodies the spirit of this ideal in his thoughts and actions. His passions range from planting trees to promote a greener India to cleanliness drives in our community. His tireless effort to promote and provide opportunities to the less privileged has resulted in providing an atmosphere for developing skill sets that allow for gainful employment and positive contribution to our society. Shri Srinivasan is a firm believer in a life with dignity and his activities mirror this thought process, whereby he strives to provide care from cradle to crematorium.

His proficiency in fund raising and management of institutions is utilised by various organisations and Shri Srinivasan is only too happy to oblige with his time and expertise. He is an inspiration to all who come in contact with him to pursue a life of service.

The community service of Shri D.K. Srinivasan has been an inspirational saga.